Last week, a whirlwind of information reports worryingly asserted that Russia was taking steps to abandon an American space explorer on the Worldwide Space Station in direct reaction to sanctions put on the country as it keeps on attacking adjoining Ukraine. Yet, Russia’s state space organization Roscosmos is attempting to settle those apprehensions, saying that it will bring back the space explorer as expected.

Russia says it will not strand American astronaut in space despite media reports

The NASA space traveler being referred to is Imprint Vande Hei, who has been living on the Global Space Station since April 2021. Vande Hei sent off to the ISS on a Russian Soyuz rocket from Kazakhstan, alongside two cosmonauts. While residing on the ISS, his visit was stretched out to an entire year, and he is scheduled to get back in another Soyuz case on Spring 30th. At the point when he gets back, he’ll have the record for longest ceaseless spaceflight by an American space explorer, at around 353 days


Fears that Russia could really decline to bring Vande Hei home on the Soyuz began flowing the week before. The wellspring of the disarray came from a video shared by RIA Novosti, a Russian state news program, on Spring fifth that showed film of Vande Hei on the ISS with his kindred Russian cosmonauts. The clasp was cut together in such a manner to cause it to seem like the Russians planned to abandon him and afterward confine the Russian piece of the ISS out and out.

The earnestness of this “danger,” notwithstanding, was generally in uncertainty. Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Roscosmos, shared the video to his Wire channel, alongside a message from RIA Novosti that suggested it was a joke. “The Roscosmos TV studio flippantly exhibited the chance of Russia pulling out from the ISS project – the undocking of the Russian section of the station, without which the American piece of the task can’t exist,” the subtitle read.

Yet, a lot of US news reports approached the video very in a serious way. Great Morning America and Fox News ran stories guaranteeing that Russia was taking steps to abandon Vande Hei, alongside a few different outlets. Presently, Russia is invalidating those cases in another story from TASS, one more of the nation’s state-run news sources.